About me

Life in the fast lane Retriever Style.

Few facts and more

I did see the light first time in my life on the 04. May 2010 and believe it or not, my real name is "Zephyr vom Heuchter Bruch". I was born a Pedigree Golden Retriever boy. My dad - according to the papers I got - was a Champion and won a lot of prizes in Germany, Belgium and Holland. My mom was a champion in Germany in 2005 and 2006. They both had champion parents from Finland and Italy as well as Germany.

Not much is known about my life the previous 4 years, my minder tried to get as much information out of the place where I stayed last, however not much was known other then that I lived in a restaurant backyard. When I met my new boss, I was extremely hectic, barking a lot and constantly looking for attention. That was the same on the second visit, however we all went for a walk and I was allowed to run without the leash. I enjoyed that very much and I showed off my best site, keeping good contact. However all in all I was more insecure then anything else, not really knowing how to get on with other dogs and play with them. My friends in the house, no problem, however different story when walking outside and meeting strangers.

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Since then

I have made loads of progress. I speak only when I play and run around in the company of other dogs. I do not demand so much attention anymore, going so far that I stay asleep under the desk, when the boss goes out of the room. I enjoy the long walks and the freedom to run without the leash. We hardly ever bring it these days, mostly it stays in the car and is only in use when we're in town or near traffic. How cool is that? Now when being fed I pationately wait until called over, not growling anymore or bouncing up and down in order to get my nose into the bowl. All my manors have very much improved even if I say so myself.

Now I sleep through the night, not getting up anymore. I used to - actually a lot, however now I have learned that I can just relax. Still get up early in the morning though and that everyday of the week. Don't care if it is Saturday or Sunday :o) I always wake up before 06 hr and go over to the bed, lay in front of it and wait for somebody else to wake up. That always works believe it or not. When sleeping I have started to dream a lot and in my dreams I am chasing something or somebody, even growl and bark. Guess it must be fun playing chase, like I do in the dog park when playing with my friends.

So enough about me now :o)