Hello and welcome - My name is Benn
I am a Golden Retriever

Cool that you visit my corner of the world wide web.
Enjoy and root around as much as you like.

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When the sun shines
we're always on the go.

Just kidding - I love to be outside never mind the weather. Good that my minder doesn't care and enjoys being out as much as I do.

I love the water
every puddle is mine.

Not only water, mud - you name it. My thing. My boss is pretty easy going and he doesn't mind so much, however on the other hand - I love the shower as well. So getting cleaned up is not a problem.

An invitation
to my backyard.

Every morning my first round is into the woods just behind where I live. Love that round because there is always something new to discover every morning. Sometimes I have a race with my rabbit friends - they are too fast for me though.

What you might like to know

Well there are a few bits and pieces that you might like to know about me.
So enjoy the ride and keep on reading.

  • My Data

    Born on the 04th of May 2010.
    Pure-bread Golden Retriever
    Color: Light Brown
    Current Weight: 34.8 Kgs
    Health: Perfect

  • A swift story

    Can't say much about my early days. Have been with a family of 3 dogs before my minder picked me up in the beginning of the year.

  • What I like

    Being part of every activity. Going for long walks. The water of course. Dried pigs ears. My couch. Playing with the ball. Working with my nose.

  • What I don't like

    Being alone for a long time. Small black dogs. Walking on the leash. Being told off :o). Getting up late. Sitting still for long.

Thank you for reading...

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